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Leuren Moret HAARP/ 9/11

I've listened to this several times, and am very surprised Leuren Moret didn't even so much as mention the possible use of

nukes on 9/11:  http://truth11.com/2011/03/24/haarp-and-its-role-in-the-false-flag-operation-of-september-11-2001-with-independent-scientist-leuren-moret-vii/  ....  She mentioned the occurrence of uranium,…


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I'm no physicist, but I think the appearance of radionuclides at Ground Zero is proof positive of the use of nukes on 9/11.

There was probably some combination of explosives and thermite , along with an underground nuke used to take down the towers.  Hopefully Chuck can shed some light on the radionuclide evidence during his debate with Morgan  Feb 6

on the Real Deal with Dr Fetzer moderating  .... woohoo!   ps. The first USGS link has a graph showing high strontium.



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Morgan: After looking for almost a day, I'm sorry to say I can't find links to radionuclides in dust samples from both

UC Davis and Columbia.  I think the links have been taken down or something. It looks like the thermite gang has taken over at UC Davis, Columbia,NYU,and Rutgers.  The link to William Tahil's article is: ....

http:// www.nucleardemolition.com/GZero_Sample.pdf  ....  Some more pertinent links are: …


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The big picture on HAARP, Chemtrails, and other forms of environmental destruction by the ruling elite:  ....


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Dwain Deets Approaching the puzzling destruction

This is the link to the complete talk by Mr Deets on his idea of how to approach the demolition methods used on 9/11: ...

http://vimeo.com/29575849  .... the other link was a 5 minute review, which left a lot out.  A technology set is the method

used or devices used to demolish the buildings, such as EA (exotic accelerants ) or ND (nuclear devices).  The puzzles to be solved are called Perplexing Issues, such as toasted cars or…


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