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Were Mini Nukes used to bring down the WTC - An article by Victor Thorn of American Free Press

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Comment by Dr. J. P. Hubert on June 16, 2011 at 7:38am

Thanks for posting this article. I see that Mr. Hightower embraces the possibility of Mininukes being used to destroy the Twin Towers based on the contents of the article above. I had not known that Hightower took that position. Nor was I aware that he entertained the possibility that nanothermite was involved as the above article alleges. Since Hightower is now a member it would be great if he could personally respond to this post and corroborate whether these are in fact his current opinions.

For cvompleteness sake, I would like to know: What was the year of the August 23 article above and where did it appear? Where did the interview take place? Was it a radio interview? Was it recorded?  Is there a transcript? 


What conventional explosives does Hightower purport were used in combination with nanothermite and what is the evidence for them? To my knowledge, none of the published studies (USGS, RJ Lee etc.) tested for conventional explosives which is a real limitation in terms of their usefullness. Conventional explosives should have been the very first thing tested for in addition to the tests that were carried out. The fact that they were not tested for is very troubling.

Comment by Shallel Octavia on June 15, 2011 at 12:22pm

We also need to account for the steel. More than 80% of the steel was missing on 9/11. There were 26,400 floor trusses alone. Imagine the pile there would be with just the trusses! The fracture energy of steel is 340,000 joules/kg. The steel could have been evaporated by the mini nuke, since it would produce millions of degrees, but this heat must reach the steel, which would mean it would not "shielded from view". 

China syndrome is not even a consideration, the fissile materials would not magically gravitate to the same

area after such a violent event. They would be spread through the dust. An EMP strong enough to melt metal

would be highly lethal to anyone between GZ and the FDR Drive.


Thanks for your dedication, Chuck and Thoth! 

Comment by Thoth II on June 14, 2011 at 3:02pm

I would point out that we must explain the pulverization of concrete, Dr. Frank Greening said that dust of avg. 60 microns was produced and the fracture energy of 6700 joules/kg to pulverize the concrete, plus all the other nonmetals in the towers.  A mini nuke would easily supply this energy with the correct mechanism of a shock wave.


The thermate was just used to cut up the steel in the towers to prep it for demolition

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