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What Remained at Shanksville Is the Truth

The official 9/11 story tell us that human remains were found at Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  That may be true.  But whose remains were they?  The passengers of United 93 or another group of people?


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"Were There Passengers on United 93?" (Preview of Vancouver Hearings)

This essay credits some of those who have helped bring common sense to the issue of passengers and planes of 9/11.  Read more...

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Keep Asking the Right Questions - Who Were the Passengers of United 93?

This essay follows up "Did the United 93 Passengers Survive the Flight?"  With an affirmative answer to that question, we get more questions.  This essay keeps providing facts and logical analysis, which lead to more answers.

Keep reading here

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Ask the Right Questions about 9/11: Did the United 93 Passengers Survive the Flight?

Did the passengers of United 93 Survive the Flight?

Consider the following facts:

Many of the United 93 passengers were scheduled to be on United 91 but switched within a few days to United 93. The scheduled …


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9/11 Scholar Bill Giltner Will Be Dean Hartwell's Guest on "The Detectors" Friday 7pm Eastern!

I have been guest hosting on D'Anne Burley's podcast, "The Detectors."  Bill and I will discuss what happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Join us as we discuss issues as if we were in a chess match!


Click here

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September 11 Conspiracy Theories Continue to Abound

Article by Chris McGreal of the Guardian.uk.  Some of my comments from our interview are included.


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Fetzer and Killtown Will Join Hartwell on "The Detectors" Friday

Fetzer and Killtown Will Join Hartwell on "The Detectors" Friday


Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and "The Real Deal" radio podcast and Killtown, the noted 9/11 researcher, will be Dean Hartwell's guests on D'Anne Burley's "The Detectors" Friday, September 2, 2011.…


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My Reply to Robbyn Swan's Response to My Review of "Eleventh Day"

To Ms. Swan,

I have read your review of my review of your book.  I welcome the dialogue on the subject of…


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What Were the Names of The World Trade Center Victims?


A recent inquiry by a member of Congress has raised a question about the authenticity of the official records of the names of those who died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.



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Excerpt from the Afterword of "Facts Talk but the Guilty Walk"

"...And where did the insiders go after the crime [of 9/11]?  They went right back to work inside our government promoting the story of a lack of foreknowledge of the attacks but that the United States had found the enemy and must start fighting back.  Not only that, two of the insiders, Vice President Cheney and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, talked quite a bit about the next enemy, Iraq.[1]



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Anthony Summers Fails to Confront 9/11 Truth in New Book

In their new book, The Eleventh Day: the Full Story of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan tell us that “the identity of the perpetrators is not in doubt.”  But the two make several questionable assertions and omissions of fact which undercut their belief that members of Al Qaeda carried out the attacks.

Summers and Swan spend little time addressing the validity of the alleged cell phone calls from…


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Texas Prosecutors Doubt Existence of Woman Said to Have Died in One of WTC Towers on 9/11


"Stroman [the condemned man] blamed the shootings on the loss of a sister in the collapse of one of the World Trade Center towers – although prosecutors said in court documents there's no firm evidence she ever existed."

Read article here

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Dean Hartwell's New Book "Facts Talk but the Guilty Walk" is Now Available on Amazon!

I have updated my analysis of the planes and passengers of 9/11 with a new afterword!  Read about the making of the official story of 9/11 and how it was put together piece by piece.


The full title is Facts Talk but the Guilty Walk: the 9/11 No Hijacker Theory and Its Indictment of Our Leaders.


Go to link on Amazon…


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How the Plotters Scripted 9/11

If we could read the plans that the plotters made, we could better understand what happened.  Here is my hypothesis of the "script" I believe plotters prepared, based upon facts and some speculation:


How the Plotters Scripted 9/11

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Chase the Truth until It Finds You: Why There Is No 9/11 Truth Movement




There is no 9/11 truth movement.  There are people, like many who participate in this Forum, who seek the truth about the event.


The case against the official theory (and the case for…


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Planes without Passengers Asks the Right Questions about 9/11

I keep learning.


I wrote Dead Men Talking: Consequences of Government Lies and published it in August 2009. Most of the book covered the events of 9/11 and I wrote what I thought to be true at the time of its publication.


But I have changed my mind about some things since then.  During most of 2010, I decided to research one facet of the story, the planes…


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Preface to Dean Hartwell's upcoming book Planes without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11

I do not know if we can ever discover the whole truth about 9/11. I simply present my work as a report that tells what most likely happened to the planes and passengers associated with the event.  I have limited my scope to ascertaining what planes were used, how they were used and the role that the passengers played.

One reading my work will NOT find out, for example, what hit the World Trade Center buildings or the Pentagon.  These and other…


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The 9/11 American Airlines Flight 11: Two Planes, One Flight, No Passengers

I have done some new research on American Airlines Flight 11. Previously, I thought that false blips were input on the screens of those watching the flights to create a fake Flight 11. But now I see a better explanation as to why people thought there was an actual Flight 11. It seems there were actually two!…


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