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Hand-Held Neutron Bombs: The Inventor says we're helpless against them!

(This article describes some very possibly relative 911 nuclear devices related information that may explain the lack of nuclear-type explosions and the lack of massive radiation after-effects. I have been looking for infromation related to matchbox, grapefruit-sized, and suitcase sized mini nukes, especially the TNT yield that they may be able to produce, without too much luck. Your comments are welcome.
Chuck Boldwyn)
This article was found here: http://www.rense.com/political/weapons/handheldneutron.htm
Hand-held Neutron Bombs:
The inventor says we're helpless against them!
By David M. Bresnahan
The inventor of the neutron bomb, and the so-called mini-neutron bomb believes the United States is in eminent danger of a terrorist nuclear attack. When I first interviewed him on my national radio talk show last April he was given little attention by the press. Now that top Russian military are confirming Sam Cohen's claims, maybe now people will listen to what he has to say.
After a 40-year career in nuclear weapons development, Sam Cohen is now retired. During World War II he was assigned to the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. After the war Cohen went to work for the Rand Corporation as a nuclear weapons analyst. In 1958 he developed the technical and military concept of the neutron bomb. He has continued to serve as a consultant to the Los Alamos and Livermore, the U.S. Air Force, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
Cohen had long been an advocate of discriminate use of mini-nuke battlefield weapons. He proposed their use time and time again, but politicians refused to back his suggestions.
Cohen to this day makes a strong argument for rapid victory in Korea and Vietnam through the use of grapefruit sized neutron bombs. "If we had a sizable stockpile of discriminate mini-nukes, it the war would have ended very quickly in our favor," Cohen says of the controversial military conflicts. His proposal to the Johnson administration was turned down very firmly.
When the U.S. began preparations for the Persian Gulf War, Cohen presented his proposal again. This time it was the Bush administration that turned a deaf ear. Cohen even published an article about his proposal for use of mini-nukes in the Los Angeles Times. "It was clear to me that we should stop the massive buildup of conventional weapons and instead use mini-nukes," explained Cohen.
He claims his article won the support of a handful of congressmen who spoke in support of his proposal. However, the Bush administration strengthened itís determination to accomplish the task with conventional weapons alone.
"Nuclear weapons, no matter how low-yield and discriminate they may be, have been politically ruled out for use on the battlefield. Better that we might suffer hundreds of thousands of casualties in a conventional war, and maybe even fail in our objectives, than to use mini-nukes to win in short order. This may be politically correct, but morally something seems to be sadly lacking," Cohen concluded.
He pointed out that Congress passed legislation during the Bush administration, with continued endorsement by the Clinton administration, that forbids the testing, development, or stockpiling of mini-nukes. He also insists that Congress and the President are well aware that other countries as well as anti-American terrorists have an ample supply.
Cohen says he has numerous contacts in the intelligence community who are as concerned as he is. He claims they have confirmed to him that the spread of nuclear capabilities in potential enemy areas of the world is growing rapidly. His greatest concern is a new class of very small, very cheap, extremely effective warheads, based solely on nuclear fusion (thereby circumventing the monitoring terms of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty). These weapons are in effect mini-neutron bombs whose use would render our high-tech conventional forces useless.
"These warheads were developed during the Soviet era but work has continued under the Russian regime. There is an abundance of evidence that the underlying technology and ingredients for these devices have been smuggled out of Russia and sold to a number of nations, including terrorist ones," claims Cohen, who is upset that the U.S. is ignoring this intelligence data. Over 100 missing mini-nukes were recently reported on 60-minutes, and Cohen claims this has happened with the complicity of the Russian government, including Boris Yeltsin, and the assistance of the Russian mafia.
A terrorist could easily hand carry one of these mini-nukes in a suit case or even a paper bag. According to Cohen, it could be placed in the park across the street from the White House, or other strategic target, and detonated by timer or remote control. This type of neutron bomb would destroy every living thing for a radius of 500 yards, yet physical objects and buildings would be undisturbed. Nuclear radiation would also be quickly rendered harmless.
Because there is no mushroom cloud, or even an explosion, Cohen claims testing of such weapons cannot be detected in other countries. "So in effect we have legally denied ourselves the ability to develop and stockpile these weapons while giving an open hunting license to the rest of the world to acquire them if they so wish, with little if any fear that they will be discovered, even for countries that are party to the non-proliferation and test ban tactics," said an obviously worried Cohen.
Have we then deliberately given our enemies and potential enemies the capability to defeat our conventional ground forces? Have we enabled terrorists and anti-American radicals the ideal weapon to bring us to our knees? Cohen says very emphatically, "yes!"
Cohen warns that the age of nuclear weapons has not come to an end. Despite our arms control efforts, he believes mini-nuke battlefield weapons already exist and will continue to proliferate around the world. Cohen is warning that unless the U.S. takes immediate action, the next major conflict will be decided by the army that is first to use a mini-nuke on the battlefield. He also warns that evidence is very strong that such weapons are already in the hands of terrorists who are plotting an attack in a major U.S. city or cities.

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