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Update for "Misdirection" Essay about Planes and Passengers

I have been working on this essay for several months and continue to get feedback so that I can improve on it. Here are some of my recent changes and additions:

I comment on the official attempts to identify passengers at the crash sites.

I discuss attempts by researchers to get the government to reveal its methods of identifying passengers.

I write more clearly about why I believe there was a plane connected to the plot at the Cleveland airport.

25 pages on PDF - no… Continue

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Misdirection: Following the Plot, Execution and Cover-up of 9/11 Crimes

Update 10/1/10: I have added a timeline and map to help the reader understand the true paths of Flights 175 and 93. This essay focuses upon available facts as to the passengers and planes of 9/11.

Misdirection can be downloaded free as a PDF at at http://deanhartwell.weebly.com

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Dean Hartwell Interviewed on D'Anne Burley Show 9/11/10!


On for thirty minutes.
The first five minutes are musical introduction.

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Misdirection: Following the Plot, Execution and Cover-up of 9/11 Crimes

I have been working since May on this essay. Of course the work is never really done because we will probably never know everything that happened on 9/11. This essay stops the official story in its tracks, rewinds and presents an account based upon facts and some reasonable speculation as to what happened, how it happened and why it happened.…


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Expanding the No Hijacker Hypothesis

So far, I have presented my hypothesis that Flights 11 and 77 never flew that day, Flight 175 flew to Cleveland and Flight 93 landed safely somewhere in Pennsylvania. I also state my beliefs that the World Trade Centers One and Two were struck by small planes, drones or missiles and that a plane nearly struck the Pentagon.…


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The No 9/11 Hijacker Theory


I have expanded my original essay to include discussion of the pilots and the best reasons for believing that no hijackers participated.

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Book Review: Stranger Than Fiction

Book: Stranger Than Fiction: An Independent Investigation of the True Culprits Behind 9-11

Author: Dr. Albert D. Pastore

Year Published: 2003…


Added by Dean on June 11, 2010 at 5:06pm — 2 Comments

To Solve the Crime of 9/11, Listen to Your Own Voice

The voices of those in power tell us we need the military to solve the problems created by the events of 9/11. What we really need to do is read some history and apply our own intuition.


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A Public Liaison Would Give Us a Dialogue with Our Leaders


We have had enough of documents like the Warren Report and the 9/11 Report that whitewash what we know to be true. The least our government could do would be to allow us to speak directly with a human so we could…


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What Are You Willing to Risk to Get Truth about 9/11?

The kinds of risks we are willing to take speak volumes as to what policies we favor for our society. Consider the following questions, all of which are predicated on the assumption that public policy will never perfectly address the problem that it covers.

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