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Did LVI Work in the Twin Towers Before 9/11? LVI did Asbestos Abatement in the Twin Towers with armed guards at the Elevators. They are also know for being Demolitions Experts. LVI puts blame on an al

Did LVI Work in the Twin Towers Before 9/11? *PIC*

Posted By: ChristopherBollyn

Date: Sunday, 20-Mar-2005 14:47:57 On September 13, 2001, Engineering News-Record (ENR), a national weekly for the construction industry, reported: "LVI Services Inc., New York City, which has done extensive asbestos abatement work on the towers in the past, is involved in similar work now as well as other cleanup efforts."

AFP asked LVI president Burton T. Fried about the work his company…


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Kevin Ryan's Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites



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Is This Our America Anymore? By Pat Buchanan


Pat Buchanan



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Chuck Boldwyn interviewed by Clay Douglas of Tucson, Arizona on his 911 Twin Towers Research based on his mathematical Analyses of the thicknesses of the Steel Columns by Cubic Level and by% Weight

Watch & listen to the YouTube sourced video(s) = 4.

concerning his 911 Twin Towers Physics & Engineering & Chemistry Research, as explained to Clay Douglas, interviewer out of Tucson, Arizona.

Your comments on the… Continue

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Rep. Ron Paul, G.O.P. Loner, Comes In From Cold (Now getting more & more recognition, will probably make another run for President in 2010)


Published: December 12, 2010

Ron Paul in November 2007 campaigning for president. He is considering another run in…

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Exact Narrator & Interviewed Persons Script Lines for NOVA's highly-propagandized Video entitled "Why The Towers Fell"

As you read this script, see how many lies or plain ignorance you can find. That's a lot of litigative evidence to go up against the USA Government and her Sponsor Conspirators in a, "hopefully", USA Court of Justice, if one still exists.

(This was a very carefully crafted script, which I hope will bring Treasonous Justice to those who are deserving of it, so there will be little to on suffereng.)…


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2nd Comparison of the Physical Properties of Steel vs. Aluminum by Shehzad Saleem, GKSS Research Centre - Hamburg, Germany

I don't understand a basic phenomenon involved in choosing a material for cars or for bikes.............we always go for economical aspect..........steel being the favorite for the last two decades and still leading in the market ,some cyclists and motorists tend to divert to aluminum ,why is that?

Steel is almost the best material already available to us ,why do we need to divert to aluminum ,steel has outstanding properties best suited for light structures…


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A comparison of some Physical Properties for Steel vs. Aluminum Diving Cylinders to get a general idea of an Aluminum Jetliner colliding with a Steel Tower's Wall which is more than 50% Steel.

Aluminum vs. Steel Scuba Cylinders

The Diving Blog

Most divers never give much thought to what their air cylinder is made of. Even so, it can affect aspects of your dive. Besides, it never hurts to know a little about the equipment you’re diving with.…


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Connecting the Dots: Zionist Infiltration into Top Level USA Government Positions & 911 Commission Report Whitewash Debacle

John Lehman, 9-11, and Israel

by Victor Thorn

When a commission was established to investigate the 9-11 terror attacks (the one Henry Kissinger was initially appointed to head), it was supposed to be “independent” and free of ties to any party that may have been involved in or…


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How C-4 Works by Tom Harris (from: HowStuffWorks.com)

(Refer to the following link for the atomic and molecular structure of RDX and how the Chemistry & Physics of this explosive can be understood:)


How C-4 Works…


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